Welcome to The Renegades of WNY
A group of Military Vehicle Owners

The Group


About our group

We are a group of Military Vehicle owners whose mission is dedicated to providing a local organization for military vehicle enthusiasts, historians, preservationists and collectors in the aquisition, restoration and safe operation of historic military vehicles. Our group provides public education of military vehicles from WWII thru the present. Our group participates in over 40 events during the year, promoting the Military Vehicle hobby and honoring our Veterans....



This group started with Eric Carey's purchase of a M109A3, while attending car shows and cruise nights, he began to meet GREEN friends, over the course of time the group grew larger and we got to be known as those guys. With being known as those guys, the Renegades name was branded. In July of 2016 we became an affliate of the MVPA  Military Vehicle Preservation Association......


Vehicles in our Group

We have vehicles from WWII up to the 90's era, we are an active group and usually someone is busy doing an event somewhere every weekend